Adam Ferrier – How to change behaviour

Adam Ferrier works as CSO at Cummins & Partners in Australia. In this interview he talks about his new book ‘The Advertising Effect – how to change behaviour’.

Short and Sweet

  • Adam studied Consumer Psychology and started out at a Brand Consultancy. After stints at Cool Hunter and Saatchis, he founded Naked Communications in Australia.
  • At Naked, Brand Planning and Media Planning worked closely together – without Creative Execution. At his new agency, Cummins & Partners, Adam puts all three disciplines on one table. The advantage: being able to experiment with the creative messaging to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • In his book he explains 10 principles of behavioural economics with award winning examples. He says, behaviour economics simply repackages what we already know or should know, but by repackaging and feeding back what works and what doesn’t we can create new ideas in a more deliberate way. Find the book here.
  • The principles are based on the belief that action changes attitudes faster than attitudes change action. Why? If you get people to interact with the message they will change their thoughts and feelings to make sense of their action. Because we live in a full communication landscape today there is no need to ever have only passive communications. But we still need good ideas that are good enough for people to pass it on.

Some Statements we liked

“Stick together. Find the female friends.”

“Don’t be afraid of who you are. Don’t try to be something that you are not.”

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