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Ana is not only Head of Digital Strategy at Spring Studios, but also a regular contributor to Adverblog. In this interview Ana talks us through her playbook of digital strategy and how it all came to be.

Short and Sweet

  • Ana came to NYC in order to finish her Master degree in Media studies. She then did a PHD in Sociology and started to work at AKQA and Razorfish. Her dissertation was on digital branding and what digital brand experiences can provide – all starting off from the value to the consumer.
  • Ana was very lucky being able to combine academics with professional work life in a mutually beneficial way. Throughout her studies she worked at digital agencies allowing her to constantly conduct research and interviews for her master’s thesis and dissertation.
  • The ‘Branding Playbook’ is the result of Ana’s dissertation. It discusses the digital business matrix to show how companies grow their businesses with the help of digital.
  • Quadrant 1: Addition. How can I use digital to add value to the brand? For example you add digital as another retail Channel, like Target and Walmart do it.
  • Quadrant 2: Systems. How can I use digital to build a system between products and services?
  • Quadrant 3: Design. How can I use digital to design new value? Patagonia is an example. They enable people to resell their clothes and thereby extend their life cycle and transform their value chain.
  • Quadrant 4: Transformation. How do you transform a value chain? Tesla uses Toyotas real time production system. And most importantly they are using their website for sales on This saves them a lot of money bypassing dealers.
  • How should agencies apply that? For Digital Strategists and Comms Planners it is a highly relevant topic. It should easy as you have to start with the question, how can you add value to consumers lives?
  • We still need to make people aware of brands and do Print and TV. But doing so leads to wear out effects that require further media spend. Digital in the media mix makes a difference and extends and flattens ‘the hockey stick’ if you provide relevant and valuable digital tools. Then you will be able to sustainably transform your activities to real business results. e.g. Nike +, Patagonia Marketplace.
  • The problem is that it takes longer. Marketeers usually want to see results immediately after the campaign. So there is a lack of incentive providing more digital tools and services as they need longer for sales effects.
  • What can we do? People need to re-evaluate measurement standards. For example, it’s more valuable to have someone download something from your site because they are really interested in it than buying FB likes by promoting coupons.
  • To create innovative ideas it’s essential that business analysis becomes part of our jobs. It’s more than crunching excel sheets. It’s for example knowing all customer touchpoints, so that you have the anchors to design new value by coming up with something new or cooperating with a Start-up.

More about Ana Andjelic

Find Ana’s blog here. On her website Ana showcases interviews, presentations and publications.

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