Bud Caddell – how to bring your own seat to the management table

Bud is Strategy Director and Chief Invention Officer at Deutsch LA. Some of you may already know his blog whatconsumesme.com. In this session he talks about creating a new role within an agency.

Short and Sweet

  • Bud started his career as a Designer and Developer at a Start-up. He has always been interested helping bigger companies develop digital business solutions. He took his first job as a Planner at Undercurrent, a Digital Strategy company.
  • He left Undercurrent and took a year off in which he crossed paths with the Chief Digital Officer of Deutsch, who later asked Bud to come on board. He had a lot of freedom and support building up Inventionist, but also working on Digital Strategy.
  • The overlap of Planning and Digital Strategy is different at every agency. At Deutsch there are Brand Planners who architect the brand really well, tell the story of the brand, the narrative arch and the role. Digital Strategists translate those things and define how you communicate with people online and how you realize business objectives using Digital.
  • Inventionist wasn’t a defined role before Bud started. There was no job description just the ambition to create more things like the Domino’s Pizza Tracker. Today Bud develops a range of new things, from apps to physical objects. And furthermore he sees an important part of his role in making it less scary for clients to buy into new things.
  • The way they develop a new idea: starting with peoples needs the team comes up with 200-300 ideas within 3 days. Only a few of the ideas will be presented to the client who then decides what goes into Prototype stage. Within the next 3-4 weeks the prototype will be built and assets to sell the idea internally will be developed. And if everything goes well a 6 month product development cycle starts after that.
  • Buds team usually works with the Marketing department of companies. You can always say let’s slice 3% of your Marketing budget off and lets try something. And that is typically enough to do something interesting.
  • At Deutsch Digital Strategists oversee the brand’s health in the digital space and campaigns. Inventionists are more Product Developers who have experience in making some of these utilities. If you want to get into the area it’s good to know how to develop the things you want to produce.

More about Bud Caddell

Read Bud’s articles on his blog. He also has an excellent website including his background and achievements and of course you can find him on Twitter too.

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