Chris Alders – 3 things you can learn from martial arts

Chris Alders tells us how he got into Planning, what he learned from Martial Arts that is relevant to the job, and a bit about life in Dubai.

Short and Sweet

  • Like many others Chris Alders discovered his passion for Planning during an internship. Listen to his inspiring story about his experiences at Body Glove, Harley Davidson and a smaller agency in Amsterdam.
  • His personal passion is Martial Arts. He has distilled three learnings anyone can apply to planning too:
  1. Progression – Constantly learn and do the groundwork. Don’t just talk.
  2. Adaptation – When the learning curve flattens apply new topics to your usual pattern.
  3. Personal Toolbox – Extend your skills, have a core strength and complement it to become T-Shaped.
  • His tip is to get a mentor, preferably more than one. From within the industry but even more importantly from outside.

Some Statements we liked

“You are always a teacher and student at the same time.”

“Get a mentor, preferably more than one.”

More about Chris Alders

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