Daniel Caeiro – bringing ‘share a Coke’ to Portugal

Daniel, Head of Social and Digital at GrandUnion Lisbon talks about the challenges of adapting campaigns and his approach to one of Coca Cola’s challenging briefs.

Short and Sweet

  • Portugal has 10.6 million inhabitants. As a small country most of the work is adaptation work. The eternal question is how to take existing work and add more value to it.
  • Coca Cola’s Name Cans came to Portugal 7 years after they were first seen in Australia. But the brief wasn’t that simple. The additional task was to launch the name cans during the World Cup and make them relevant to soccer.
  • Approach – Step 1: Collecting inspiration from existing campaigns. As a starting point Spain used a town in which inhabitants had the weirdest names in their country. Applying this principle, was there a town in Portugal with the weirdest names? Was there a town where most of the national players came from? Was there a town where most of the people were named after national players?
  • Approach – Step 2: Stress testing on relevancy. Yes there was a town where most of the national players came from. But was it really relevant? The team decided they could do better.
  • Approach – Step 3: Turning the question around. Instead of looking for the ‘most of’, the team started to look for the ‘least of’. What if there was a place in Portugal where there was no soccer at all – an unimaginable thing in soccer crazy Portugal? And what if Coca Cola could bring soccer to them? Bingo.
  • Approach – Step 4: Building on the Idea. The core idea was to bring soccer to the people of Corvu, an island of the Azores with only 400 inhabitants. The build: Have Pauleta, Portugal’s top scorer of all times, hand out 400 individual name cans and host the ever first Soccer game on this island.
  • Campaign Materials produced: Documentary with Pauleta handing out cans and hosting the first soccer game on Corvu, Blogger who documented all the reaction from the Corvulians watching soccer during the World Cup. Photobook documentary with all the stories from Corvu.

More about Daniel Caeiro

Reach out to Daniel on Twitter, check out his blog  and here’s a bit more about his agency.

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