Heather Lefevre – planning around the world

In this session Heather Lefevre, Ex Head of Planning at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam and founder of the Planner Survey, tells us all about Planning and Planners around the world.

Short and Sweet

  • Heather started the Planner Survey when she needed objective salary information for her performance evaluation and salary negotiation. In 2005 she started a survey with 30 planners that she knew and from there it grew and grew.
  • Besides the salary question there are a variety of other questions that are changing each year. This year it was more about building a planning community and finding ways to connect, e.g. with Skype Matches.
  • Heather has been working on a book project, too. For this book she is visiting Planners all around the world and works with them for up to 2 weeks. So far she has worked with 9 different people and interviewed another 15. She will be compiling all information in a book in order to show what some of the most innovative different ways of working are.
  • Heather was most surprised by the fact that most Planners were Europeans and North Americans, even in Asia.
  • Where people enjoy their work most is totally different for every individual. In China most expats enjoy the difference in culture and the ability to travel to many different places within hours. But when it comes to work it often seems to be frustrating as there is a lack of marketing know how. The most laid back places are perhaps Australia and South Africa.
  • Book tip for westerners who want to work in the eastern culture: The Geography of Thought. It discusses the idea that westerners think in lines and easterners in Circles.

More about Heather LeFevre

Check out Heather’s blog, follow her on Twitter or read some of her presentations and reports on Slideshare.

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