Jeremy Abbett – agency culture and change

Jeremy, Creative Evangelist at Google in Hamburg talks about his role and his perspective on Agency Culture and Change.

Short and Sweet

  • Jeremy started out as an Art Director at Springer & Jacoby in 1995. He’s a passionate maker who experiments with the web of things. As Creative Evangelist at Google his role is to create relationships with agencies and make Google’s offer more attractive to them. This means, he helps agencies with pitches, creates case studies and give recommendations on KPI’s and Google Tools.
  • How do you integrate digital? Clients always say they want it, but that doesn’t always reflect the reality later on. Hence most traditional agencies haven’t pivoted to making money using digital. In Germany it seems the client first has to have the digital competence before traditional agencies will broaden their digital offering.
  • A challenge for brands is that their marketing departments are often structured in different silos, with a Marketing Team and a separate Digital Team. It would help to work holistically and have one budget in mind in order to progress digitally.
  • A challenge for agencies is to enable a culture where people can experiment and innovate, so when they need to have the skills, they have them and potentially cases as back up

More about Jeremy Abbett

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