Joel Pearson – the story behind Dove Sketches

Joel is Comms planner with experience in Media, Communications, and Brand Planning. Currently he works as Innovation Director at PHD in London. In this session Joel tells us about the background of Dove Sketches and how it came to be.

Short and Sweet

  • Dove Sketches started with an open brief to their lead agency Ogilvy. The idea was one question: what if we got women to describe themselves to a sketch artist, and then we got a stranger to describe them to the same sketch artist and see what the difference is?
  • The point where Joel got engaged was when it came to comms planning and media. The task was to launch in the US, Brazil, Canada and Australia with a small budget and utilise paid and different channels online to get the video viewed as much as possible.
  • After 2 days of real traction Dove realized there was a much bigger opportunity. The new task: go global in the Top 20 markets for Dove. It had to be done in real time – together with Facebook, Twitter, Google and their PR agency, PHD created a plan quickly and successfully launched one day later.
  • The media buying strategy was to allocate budgets to where it was working, not a fixed budget for each market. With the result of 165 million views by the end of the campaign term.
  • After launch, the team of Media, PR and Data worked closely together. They used a monitoring room with Radian 6, Share of Voice analysis, comparisons against competitor content to assess their performance and react.
  • Whilst content pieces often get a quick spike and then views drop off, with Dove Sketches the team was able to see re-emerging spikes. Partly because the team was able to feed media information back to PR, e.g. Mexico is going to hit 10m views tomorrow – Let’s do a PR release.
  • In markets where you have strong PR, you get an efficient media schedule. Due to salient awareness of that piece, cost per views came down significantly and people watched the video for longer. The most effective paid channel for this campaign was Trueview skippable YT ads.
  • There are 2 internets. China and the rest of the world. China’s media landscape works completely differently and Dove gave them their own budget to execute. Beyond that, at the first launch US was the focus country, but we saw massive spill overs. Often global campaigns are based on local budgets.

Some Statements we liked

“In markets where you have strong PR, you get an efficient media schedule”

“Often global campaigns are based on local budgets. ”

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