Kendra Salvatore – case study Cole Haan

Kendra, Strategy Director at BBH New York talks about the background and strategic approach of Cole Haan’s ‘don’t go home’ campaign which was awarded for several effectiveness awards in 2014.

Short and Sweet

  • The brief: to launch Cole Haan’s new Chelsea Pump during Fashion week with a small budget and convince a younger audience to consider the brand for the first time.
  • In New York Cole Haan is known for comfortable shoes for older customers. The real challenge: how do you make an unfashionable brand fashionable to a new stylish audience?
  • To tackle the challenge effectively Kendra interviewed a mix of mainstream target customers and fashionistas. Finding out what style and NYC meant to them helped her establish insights about the new customer, culture and which role the brand and the product could play.
  • The cultural insight was all about New Yorkers wanting to celebrate the night but the needed to find a stylish shoe that could keep up with them. The product insight was about framing the advantage of Cole Haan’s Chelsea pump the right way: the strategy was to talk about movement instead of comfort as it is more aspirational to a young target audience. The brand insight was all about life in New York’s streets, which is core part of Cole Haan’s brand idea.
  • The proposition the insights lead to: the chelsea pump pops lets you live the 20 hour day. And especially into the end of that day when you need it most.
  • The creative idea was to encourage New Yorkers to experience more through their NYC nights. A lot of different executions and the hashtag #dontgohome were added in order to create interaction and conversation with young people. Drag queens were used to give ultimate proof that the Chelsea pump is perfect for enduring movements during the 20 hour day.
  • Creative Considerations: it was important to use playful language to catch attention amongst the younger audience, e.g. Your diary is getting bored with you. Furthermore it was essential to use a more subtle branding approach – ‘Especially if you have a target that is averse to you, you want them to come to you and discover you first.’
  • Lessons learned during this campaign: Working closely together with comms planning and creative right from the beginning and really getting to know the audience and their challenges created unbelievable value.

Some Statements we liked

“If you have a target that is averse to you, you want them to come to you and discover you first.”

“A lot of restraints often lead to more creative work.”

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