Lach Hall – Keith Richards and the new agency antenna

Lach Hall is Comms Strategy Director at Anomaly New York. He is a big ambassador of Behaviour Change. In this interview Lach talks about his article ‘Keith Richards and the agency antenna’.

Short and Sweet

  • What is the agency antenna? It is a theory based on Keith Richards’ approach to songwriting. His theory is that all songs are already out there floating around. All he needs to do is to channel them through his antenna and piece them together.
  • What if the same approach could be applied to finding creative ideas? And how would you do it in a way that works with the current agency model?
  • You need to get the hardware right: an antenna that is only receptive to one traditional station is only going to play the same old show. The same way, an agency that uses the capacity of their talent in one traditional way will not reach its fullest potential.
  • You need to use the right process: setting up an antenna you first swing the antenna around to find where the signal is strongest. Then you set it up and tweak it until it’s in the perfect position. This is equivalent to Strategy looking for a solution territory and Creatives who then move beyond to find interesting creative ideas.
  • You need to know what you are looking for: When you set up your antenna it’s best to know which kind of channel you are after to get the perfect signal. In advertising the same applies. You should know what you are looking for and set the right goals. Sales goals are often too broad and unrelatable. If you break them down you will find ways to create an effective solution.

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