Mark Pollard – why planners need to be able to explain ideas

Mark is Vice President of Brand Strategy at Big Spaceship in NYC. He blogs under and teaches courses on Skillshare. In this session we talked to Mark about one of his courses on how to explain ideas and why that is important.

Short and Sweet

  • Sometimes there are frustrating situations in large ad agencies. Who owns an idea? Who is allowed to have an idea? Who writes the manifesto? How do you define an idea? To have the same vocabulary and the ability to describe and explain an idea can facilitate work processes and outputs.
  • Whilst the role of a Planner is different at different places, it’s not uncommon to also help with manifestos, taglines or even explain an idea. Creativity can come from anywhere and it shouldn’t be departmentalised. Marks course starts with the definition of what a creative idea is and uses techniques from Edward de Bono’s book ‘Laterial Thinking’.
  • At Big Spaceship there are no rules, but tools and methods different people like to use. Strategists sit with cross functional teams. Regular mental workouts help to get better. When it comes to the brief they always articulate the problem, insight and strategy with an interesting lateral thought in it.

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