Pedro Garcia – creating brand experiences for Moche

Digital Strategist Pedro Garcia from the Fullsix Group in Lisbon explains how they are creating brand experiences for the teen mobile provider Moche.

Short and Sweet

  • Moche is a telecommunications brand that sells phone plans to a very specific target aged 10-25. As the teen’s brand, Moche has a different attitude and needs to be on top of everything. Teens are aggressive, they are not loyal and they are looking for other things than just the product itself.
  • Moche capitalizes on this using all touchpoints teens use too: music festivals, events, university parties. ATL is in the mix, but the real value comes from the brand activation side. Some examples:
  • Example 1: With a commercial shown in cinemas Moche lead their target group to be part of a lottery. But a very unusual one. On Facebook they were able to register to take part at a random trip. For that they had to go to the airport with a suitcase, but without knowing whether they would be going or where they would be going. This was a hit amongst the teens.
  • Example 2: In a different campaign Moche let people vote on Facebook to determine where a Moche Bar on Wheels would show up. The promotion team would hand out drinks for free and play trendy music. Teens loved it and voted from all sort of places in Portugal.
  • Example 3: Moche provides a loyalty program in which you can ‘exchange friends’ for a skateboard. So if you get your friends to become a Moche customer you get something in return.
  • Example 4: Moche had a slot machine at events. It had 6 different types of smart phones and if you put 20 Euros in it you would be able to win it. It was a huge success with hundreds of people lining up. Full Six then took the idea online with 1500 mobile phones that were sold out after only 3 minutes.
  • Example 5: Teens don’t call, but they text. They text via FB Messenger, SnapChat and Whatsapp. As a result Moche offers a plan that enables teenagers to use these messengers services without any additional cost. Even if you have 0 MB you can use them.
  • Moche is so successful in Portugal because the brand acts upon teens attitudes and behaviour. Kids don’t want to be told what they have to do. They want to have options. Friends are really important to them. And collaboration is a big part of their culture. Teens demand a participation economy. They don’t just want a product. You can do phone calls with anyone, but with Moche you can have unique experiences.

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